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November 23, 2010

The Lost Symbol

by Dan Brown

Oh, dear. As a big fan of the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, I naturally had high hopes for the third Robert Langdon novel. But in this case I felt myself shaking my head right from the start and it did indeed prove to be a total disappointment.

Professor Robert Langdon is lured to Washington under false pretenses, embarking on a hunt for his kidnapped friend and high-ranking Freemason Peter Solomon. The kidnapper demands that Langdon solve the mystery of the Masonic pyramid and find the Lost Word, giving the kidnapper ultimate power. And so Langdon begins his roller coaster adventure which, in true Dan Brown style, takes place within the space of a few hours.

Admittedly, the book is very readable but I just had the impression it was all very simplistic, as if it were being written for an audience of twelve-year olds rather than adults. Fair enough, if Brown wants to cater to younger audiences, but to me it came across as a kids’ story book. Even the plot twist which is revealed at the end seems contrived.

If this had been the first Dan Brown book I had read, I don’t think I would have read any more. It feels almost as if the author is cashing in on previous success and tried-and-tested formulas and has become lazy in the process.

James’ out-of-five star rating: **

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