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January 13, 2011

Killing Floor

By Lee Child

Introducing Jack Reacher, the tough, nomadic former military cop who combines the grit of John Rambo with the deductive reasoning of the blunt-talking Andy Dalziel.

Reacher is “just passing through” the insignificant town of Margrave, Georgia, intending to pay tribute to a guitar-playing legend who died decades before. No sooner has he arrived when, as the only stranger in town, he is arrested for murder.

Reacher is soon cleared, but a dramatic twist quickly makes things personal and Reacher becomes involved in an investigation involving several deaths and which, ultimately, leads to the discovery of a counterfeiting ring on a massive scale.

The characterisation is very strong, and Child paints a vivid picture of the seemingly quiet, unassuming and immaculate town of Margrave. The style of writing is punchy and the story moves at a relentless pace. Reacher makes a great and very believable action hero.

James’ out-of-five star rating: ****

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