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February 6, 2009

Bad Science

by Ben Goldacre

Touted as a book that will enable its readers to become good “bullshit detectors” in the face of the media’s often skewed portrayal of science. Ben Goldacre lays out some basic scientific principals and encourages us to think for ourselves on issues such as medicine and alternative medicine, specifically homeopathy and nutritionism.

The author reveals some fascinating truths, for instance how one scare took Britain by storm on the basis of “hard scientific evidence” provided by a “leading expert on the subject” who turned out to be some guy doing experiments in his garden shed. Even if you consider yourself critical of what you read in the papers or see on TV, in dispelling myths and exposing some horrific truths this book pushes you to dig even deeper to really understand what’s at stake.

A compelling and very informative read explained in simple terms and with humour.

James’out-of-five star rating: ***

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