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August 12, 2011

The Hat

Charlie was in high spirits and decided to knock off work an hour early. He twisted earbuds into each ear, tapped the play button on his iPod touch and headed into the bustling street. The playlist picked up with “The time of my life” and in his head Charlie was grooving towards Jennifer Grey, followed by a crew who mirrored his every move as he braced himself for the lift. Passing the hat shop on the corner, Charlie hesitated. What the hell. He killed the music and ducked inside.

The fedora made him look more JR Ewing than Indiana Jones, but Charlie settled on a Baker Boy cap that shouted Robert Redford in The Sting. Tilting the cap to a jaunty angle, he skipped out of the shop. Outside a teenager in a hoodie and low-slung jeans shuffled past, looking Charlie up and down. “Twat,” said the youth, and shuffled on by.

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